How To Register A Domain Name

How to register your Domain Name
How to register your Domain Name

We’ve taken the complexity out of registering your Domain for the first time
Take a look at this step-by-step guide, and in just a few minutes you will be the proud owner of a domain name.

Is your business name available online?
The easiest way to find out if your domain name is available is to go to a domain registration company and search your business name. If it is available, register it in as many configurations as possible. E.g.,,

Of course, you can simply register the name in just one configuration. However, you run the risk of someone else registering your business name in our country or oversees.

What happens if your business name is taken?
I can imagine this would be pretty annoying, but never fear, you can simply register an extension of your name instead, and back order* the name that you really want. For example, my graphic & web design company is Belle Creative, so I have registered However, if this wasn’t available I would have considered or or shortened it to or Make sure you choose something that is easy to explain to someone else and isn’t too long.

So jump online, go to and see if your domain name is available.

Is there a cost?
Yes, there is a cost to register your domain. Prices can vary depending on whether you register a .com address compared to say a address.

Ok, so now you have registered your domain…

Is this where my site lives?
Hmmmm… Not necessarily, once you register your domain, you will also need to purchase a hosting plan. The hosting plan usually includes server space to host your website + allows you to have multiple email addresses.

You will then need to point your domain to your hosting platform by changing the Name Servers. This basically means that if you registered your domain name with GoDaddy, and your site is hosted with say Business Catalyst, then they will need to talk to each other. (By having your name serves pointing
to your host when someone types in your website will appear on their screen. If you missed this step then you will often get a “site coming soon” page which is provided by the company that you registered your domain with).

Now, when someone types your web address in the browser, your domain name will point to your host and will allow your website to display.

Tip: Too hard basket? No worries, ask your web designer to do it for you. Your web designer should be able to register your URL, design your site, arrange hosting for you and assist you in setting up your emails.

Tip: When you register your domain there could be some confusing add-ons such as “privacy” or “website build and hosting” that the company will try to sell you. Stick to the domain registration only unless you absolutely know that you need an add-on, you can always upgrade your options later.
Tip: Hosting – Speak with your web designer before you purchase hosting, your web designer may have access to better plans for you based on the platform they use. So just register the domain for now.

* Back ordering means that if your domain becomes available, if you have placed it on back order, your domain registry will alert you that it is now available for purchase. In my experience the domain I have back ordered have rarely become available again for purchase. I recommend you registering an alternative or even searching to see if the domain you want is for sale. If you have the budget to buy it, go for it!

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How NOT To Get Fat At Work – Burn Calories And Be Highly Productive With Vitality Power Sessions

How NOT To Get Fat At Work – Burn Calories And Be Highly Productive With Vitality Power Sessions
How NOT To Get Fat At Work – Burn Calories And Be Highly Productive With Vitality Power Sessions

How not to get fat at work when you sit down all day…

With a background in Gymnastics, owning a few fitness centres and also running Belle Creative, I’ve come to know a thing or two about how hard it can be to squeeze a workout in between deadlines, meetings, trying to eat well, trying to maintain energy and basically survive the day…. ahhhhhh… breathe out…

Here is a very useful, easy and fun way to fit it all in your day.

1. First things first… Plan your tasks for the day in advance, whether it be last thing at night or first thing in the morning.

2. Now divide your time into 50min sessions with 10min breaks (or if you prefer – 45min sessions with 15min breaks)

3. Slot your daily tasks into these time slots (Only plan to complete 3 major tasks or jobs in one day, and 3 minor tasks or jobs)

4. Now set your timer for 50mins and begin work with as little distraction as possible. That means turning off Facebook, turning your phone to silent, shutting down any unnecessary distractions like email and get to it! Make sure you can see that timer and keep checking in to see how much time you have left. For the competitive ones you will amaze yourself with how much you can achieve in this short time.

5. When the buzzer goes off at 50mins you now have 10mins to complete the following:
– 10 Squats
– 10 Bench Pushups
– 10 Crunches (If you are wearing a skirt you may prefer to change this for another exercise)
– Drink 250ml to 500ml water

This should take you about 2-3mins, leaving you with 7 mins to go to to the loo, check your phone and put some lippy on if need be 😉 Now if the workout takes you 5-7mins then you still have time to go to the loo and race back to your desk for your next Vitality Power Session.

I set my day up like this every day, and of course I have meetings and disruptions from time to time, but i ensure that I complete at lease 5 of these a day resulting in the following:
– 50 Squats, 50 Bench Push Ups and 50 Crunches + 2.5 litres of water….
= 150rep workout and 2.5litres of water

If for some reason I have back to back meetings, I will ensure that I get a workout in either before or after work. But say you only did 3 sets a day, after 5 days at work that is still (3 x 30 = 90) x 5 = 450 reps over the week and that is a whole lot better than doing nothing!

So take the Vitality Power Challenge today and see how much better your focus, energy and motivation levels are throughout the day.

Some other helpful tips for getting a work out in include:
– Put your workout gear on as soon as you finish work – you are 80% more likely to stop off at the gym on your way home than if you aren’t working workout gear.
– If you work form home, wear light comfortable workout gear so you can get moving in between sessions with ease.
– Sit on a Fit Ball at work, not only is it great for your back, but you can also do your crunches on it even if you are wearing a skirt – true story. (You might want to take your heals off first though 🙂
– Walk to / from work or get out at lunch and walk! The more fresh air the better!
– Does your office have a gym? If so use it! You don’t need to be in there for an hour, a quick 20min power sesh will be perfect.

If you want more hints and tips on how to fit exercise into your work schedule – Follow Fitness Goddess on Facebook by going to:

Enjoy your day!

Rebecca Flint – Belle Creative – Creative Director

Before you start any exercise program make sure you are cleared for exercise from your GP. The exercises listed here are a suggestion only and you should not complete any exercises without first being cleared.

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How to get your business online fast without breaking the bank.

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By Rebecca Flint – Belle Creative, Creative Director